Um do constituintes na confecção do raio laser, fez muitos aparelhos chegando a 30% das conclusões.!.

Steps & Leaps

Interesting article in The Observer on how difficult it is to make guesses for science areas that are likely to lead to high impact commercial success:

IF YOU’RE planning watch a DVD today, listen to a CD, play a computer game, go to a supermarket, browse the web, or do 100 other everyday tasks, spare a thought for the invention that has shaped our lives and revolutionised our manufacturing industries: the laser.

The name is an acronym for Light Amplification from the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The reason we’re celebrating the laser this year is that 50 years ago Theodore Maiman, a researcher at the Hughes Research Labs, built the first one, using a ruby crystal to produce a beam of red light.

Lasers are thus a critical part of our technological infrastructure, yet no one involved in the research that led to them had any inkling of…

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