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Life in Russia


Russian Desman

AT KLYAZMA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, 120 miles east of Moscow, two rangers carefully draw an illegal fishing net from a floodplain lake into their small boat. Fish squirm in the contraption. Nearly half the net is in the boat when they notice a small, bedraggled animal with a long nose and scaly tail entangled in the strands. As they pull it near, the men recognize the creäture as a desman…….

visit: https://www.nwf.org/News-and-Magazines/National-Wildlife/Animals/Archives/2004/Deadly-Days-for-the-Desman.aspx

Grey Whale in the San Ignacio Lagoon

Gray Whale

Gray whales have a hump and a ridge of sharp bumps along their backs, instead of a dorsal fin. They are a type of baleen whale, which means they filter food from the water through special bristly structures in their mouths. Gray whales stay close to shore and feed in shallow water. Their well-known migrations take them between feeding and breeding areas, swimming as much as 12,000 miles round trip.

Critically endangered western…

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